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Flags on a Stick
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USA American Garden Flags

Applique USA garden flag. Our American Flag features embroidered 50 stars on this beautiful American Flag. Brilliant colors and high-quality fabric. Deluxe applique embroidery detail. This traditional USA American flag will add to your 4th of July celebrations and Memorial Day celebrations.

  • USA Applique Garden Flag Measures 12.5" x 18".
  • Evergreen Applique USA Garden Flags with 100% silky soft Nylon fabric.
  • Embroidery stars with tight satin stitch.

Evergreen Flags

Evergreen Enterprises designs, manufactures, and distributes flags, home decor & garden accents. For over 25 years they have been offering high-quality design. Many of their flags and door decor use applique, felt and burlap detail that looks to have been hand made. They are widely known as the world's leader in flags. Flags are their foundation, but they have expanded and now also carry door decor and porch banners that bring a wide variety of value-driven products to life. Their mission is to enhance life by providing exceptional home and garden decor products known for their quality, beauty and functionality. We love Evergreen's signature phrase to describe their flags and decor, "The Greeting Card of Your Home". Because that is what flags truly are! Evergreen is located in Richmond, VA.