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MatMates Doormat Insert

Sweet Home Geraniums decorative welcome MatMates doormat insert measures 18" x 30". Spring welcome doormat features lovely "Home Sweet Home" message with charming container filled with gorgeous red geraniums. Eye-catching black and white checked border. Pretty color combinations and artistic details enhance the entire doormat. Matmates interchangeable doormat inserts will be a lovely addition to your front door. Decorative rubber door mats add style and charm to your home. Shown with optional doormat tray. NOTE: Tray sold separately.

  • Sweet Home Geraniums MatMates Doormat Insert: 18" x 30"
  • Created by Artist Cindy Jacobs
  • Weatherproof recycled rubber outdoor or indoor mats
  • Sweet Home Geraniums Collection
  • Note: Doormat insert and tray sold separately
  • MatMates Doormat Tray Size: 24" W x 36" L by 1/4" thick (sold separately)

    MatMates Doormats by Studio M

    MatMates doormat inserts can be used alone or as interchangeable inserts with MatMates Doormat Tray (as shown). NOTE: Tray sold separately. ... MatMates are also great for laying on top of a woven rug or mat to give the trendy layered look! Many of our customers also use these to decorate inside their homes. MatMates doormat inserts all have a non-slip recycled rubber backing and measure approximately 18" x 30". Each insert is permanently dyed using superior printing techniques for vibrant, long-lasting colors. Available with themes for every season and holiday. Matmates Doormats by Studio M creates unique coordinating home and garden decor with high quality fabrics and material. They pride themselves on selecting the most beautiful artwork and make sure their artists receive the credit that they deserve. In the 28 years since the invention of MailWraps (the first product line they manufactured), Studio M has come to know their true passion: marrying innovative design with beautiful artwork to create remarkable outdoor products. What started as a home-based business for two has expanded into a community of over 75 passionate employees and over 150 talented artists. With their artists bold creativity and Studio M's passion for innovation, they have become a destination for the art-inspired gardener. Shop MatMates by Studio M at www.FlagsOnAStick.com

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