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Rewards Program

Join Our Rewards Program - It's Easy!


How do I join the Rewards Program?

  • Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you do not have a store account, join the Rewards Program today.  It's easy.  Simply join our Rewards Program by clicking this link: creating your account.


How do I earn points

  • Earn 10 points for every $1 spent! Rewards are issued with coupon codes as that can be applied to your next qualifying order.

  • Reward Points
    $3 Off 500 Points
  • Reward Points
    $5 Off 1,000 Points
  • Reward Points
    $10 Off 2000 Points
  • Reward Points
    $13 Off 2500 Points
  • Reward Points
    $15 Off 3000 Points

Note: points are not earned for any shipping fees, taxes or discounts applied.

How do I redeem my rewards?

  • First, you must be signed in  to your Flags On A Stick account. Rewards Points can be redeemed through the Rewards Redemption Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget or icon located at the bottom left-hand corner on your computer screen.  Click on "Redeem", then copy the Rewards coupon exactly as it appears. Paste the Rewards coupon into the Coupon Code box located in your shopping cart. The Coupon Code box is also located on the payment page. Click "Apply". Then continue shopping or continue to check out and complete your order.


How do I use my rewards?

  • Rewards are issued as coupon codes.  Remember to click "Apply"  on the shopping cart page or the payment page during checkout.

  • NOTE:  Rewards coupons cannot be combined with other coupon codes.