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Flags on a Stick
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BreezeArt Flags

Studio M BreezeArt Decorative Flags are printed on our exclusive Solar Silk polyester fabric. BreezeArt decorative outdoor flags have unparalleled durability, drape, and movement. These decorative flags are created by some of our nation's leading artists, including Susan Winget, Sue Zipkin and Sally Eckman Roberts. Display BreezeArt seasonal and holiday flags to make your outdoor area and garden look amazing.

Studio M

We are proud to feature Studio M as one of our major manufacturers. After 30 years since the invention of MailWraps Magnetic Mailbox Covers, Studio M is known for marrying innovative design with beautiful artwork to create beautiful  outdoor garden decor. Flags On A Stick carries BreezeArt decorative garden and house flags, MatMates Doormats, Yard DeSign Address Signs and Mailwraps Magnetic Mailbox Covers, all of which are designed and manufactured by Studio M.

Studio M creates unique ways to make beautiful art a part of everyday life. They have a talented community of artists offering their bold creativity and a passion for innovation. Studio M has become the destination for art-inspired gardener. They strive to create remarkable products you can’t find anywhere else.

Mailwraps Magnetic Mailbox Covers

Over 30 years ago, with just $20 and a unique vision, Sue and Curt designed the first magnetic mailbox cover, and the MailWraps® by Studio M was born. Mailwraps magnetic mailbox covers feature artistic designs for all the seasons and holidays. MailWraps, was born in the USA in 1989 and is still made in St. Louis. Vinyl coated for durability, each design easily snaps into place using two magnetic strips. Customers love the ability to decorate their mailbox with seasonal and holiday themes. 

MatMates Doormats

Studio M MatMates Doormat Inserts feature seasonal and holiday themes. Created by talented artists, these unique interchangeable doormats will warmly welcome friends and family to your home. Place a MatMates doormat by your front entrance and porch to add pops of color and interesting elements to your home. The doormat inserts can be easily changed for all the seasons and upcoming holidays.


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