Summer Garden Flags Add Pops Of Color

Becky, Owner of Flags On A Stick

The heat is on! Summer sun and heat are probably starting to wilt your garden. Here's a quick tip: Summer garden flags add pops of color to your yard. Place decorative garden flags anywhere in your yard or patio area to add instant eye-catching color and artistic flair to outdoor decor.

Summer Garden Flags

One of my favorite ways to brighten up my home is by adding a lovely potted plant by the front door.

Then I look for a summer garden flag that has brilliant colors and artistic design. Bandana Sunflowers garden flag by Jennifer Brinley complements my cottage style home. The colors or gorgeous and the sunflower theme fits beautifully with the other flowers in my yard. Sunflowers are the ideal summer flower that will bloom with very little water.

Adding the matching Bandana Sunflowers MatMates doormat to my front steps instantly welcomes family and friends. What a delightful addition to add instant curb appeal to your home.

Geraniums and Checks garden flag is another classic design to add to your garden decor. Created by Artist Sally Eckman Roberts, the artistic details and vibrant colors are sure to complement any home.

Geraniums and Checks matching MatMates doormat and Yard DeSign address sign provide additional decorative elements. Display the address sign in a potted plant using the yard stake. Doesn't it look great surrounded by colorful red geraniums and vines?

Summer garden flags are available in a variety of themes and colors. Using a garden flag stand, you can place a decorative flag anywhere in your yard or patio area, as well as in a potted plant.

Decorative garden flags are easy ways to add personal style to your outdoor garden decor. Look for a design that complements the flowers in your garden or the style of your home or that has a theme that resonates with you and your family. Artistic details on a flag, such as birdhouses or dragonflies and bees, will provide just the right touch of additional decorative element.

The possibilities are endless. What are your favorite ways to add pops of color to your summer garden decor?

Geraniums and Checks Garden Flag

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