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Flags on a Stick
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Outdoor Patriotic Garden Flags Add to 4th of July Decor

By Jaclyn Bennett | | 0 Comments

New arrivals include a variety of outdoor decorative patriotic garden flags.  These colorful patriotic flags will be perfect additions for Flag Day, which is June 14.  And don't forget, bright and festive 4th of July flags are the perfect addition to your patriotic decorations. 

Choose from our Best Seller List:

American Flags Patriotic Garden Flag BreezeArt FlagsOnAStick

American Flags Patriotic Garden Flag by Susan Winget

Applique Patriotic Garden Flags feature detailed applique embroidery stitching. Adding eye-catching elements enhances the entire flag design. Our applique USA stars and stripes bunting will add to your patriotic front porch decorations.

Deluxe Applique Bunting Evergreen FlagsOnAStick (15638)



By Jaclyn Bennett

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