Fall Garden Flag by Susan Winget @ www.FlagsOnAStick.com

Outdoor Fall Flags by Susan Winget

Jaclyn Bennett
Decorative outdoor fall flags by Susan Winget -

Susan Winget’s decorative outdoor fall flags are already on our best seller list. Susan is our featured flag artist this month. I hope you enjoy learning more about Susan by reading the entire blog post Meet Our Flag Artists as she shares her story with us @ www.FlagsOnAStick.com

Decorative Fall Garden Flag by Susan Winget @ www.FlagsOnAStick

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With vibrant autumn colors and artistic details, Susan’s Fall Mason Jar collection is the perfect outdoor fall flag. Add this colorful design to your outdoor yard and garden decor. Susan's designs are always unique, with eye-catching elements. Harvest Home Garden Flag (see below) is the perfect example of Susan's talents. This lovely pumpkin garden flag features colorful autumn pumpkins, golden sunflowers charming wrens and vintage wood crate.

Harvest Home Decorative Garden Flag @ www.FlagsOnAStick.com

Susan Winget's decorative outdoor garden flags are always on our best-seller list. She creates timeless themes that our customers enjoy. Decorative garden flags are easy to display using our garden flag stands. You can place a garden flag anywhere in your landscape. They are also beautiful when added to a potted planter by your front door. Decorative porch flags are very popular and easy to change for each season and upcoming holidays.

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