Garden Flags - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Garden Flags - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Jaclyn Bennett

Create one-of-a-kind theme gift basket for Mother’s Day. Take the time to think about what your mother loves to do. What are her hobbies or how does she like to spend her time? Below are a few suggestions:

Monogram Mug for Mother's DayFor the avid reader: Fill the basket with newly released books, or gift certificate to her favorite book store, a monogram coffee mug and her favorite chocolates.

Garden flags are also an excellent choice for Mother's Day gifts. You will find a large selection of floral garden flags, as well as spring and summer themes that will add pops of eye-catching color.

Gift Basket for Mother's Day

For the gardener: Choose a small colorful potted plant, garden gloves, packets of seeds, new garden tools and a decorative Mother's Day garden flag.

Arrange items in a lovely basket. We love the the idea that you don't have to wrap these baskets. They are lovely with a simple colorful ribbon or bow.

Create a spa for Mother's Day

For the busy mom: Create a spa basket filled with a pretty container of bath salts, small votive candles, aromatherapy oil and make a special CD with soothing music. Add lovely, soft new towels. Then give her time to enjoy your thoughtfulness.

Colorful Gift Basket for MomFor the mom who loves to cook: Fill a gift basket with specialty food items, including homemade jams, honey and bread mixes, fresh spices and cooking utensils.

Hobbies: If your mom has favorite hobbies, fill a lovely basket with items and craft supplies that will be useful to her and that she will enjoy using. Plus, she'll think of you every time she uses them. Perhaps magazines with the newest articles about her hobby.

These are all ideas that everyone in the family, especially young children, can help gather and place in your one-of-a-kind theme basket for Mother's Day. She'll love the thoughtfulness that went in to creating her Mother's Day Gift.

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