Monogram Flags by Breeze Art

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monogram-chevron-garden-flag-letter-b.jpgIntroducing our new monogram flags by Breeze Art. Add pizzazz and style to your home with monogram garden flags. These garden flags look stylish all year ‘round. The garden flags feature fabric that is silky soft SolarSilk® 600 denier polyester for durability, as well as elegant drape and movement. The vibrant colors and artistic design will personalize your home, adding distinctive elegance to your outdoor décor. Monogram garden flags can be displayed in your yard or patio area using our garden flag stand or hang one on your front door to welcome friends and family to your home.

Monogrammed flags make thoughtful gifts. Gifting a personalize monogram flag for any occasion says you’ve put some thought into the gift to make it special. These popular garden flags are available in two styles; Chevron Monogram Flags or House Party Monogram Flags. The Chevron design has lovely blue and green color combinations. The House Party design is unique and whimsical. Each monogram letter has a different style and color combination. These would be perfect for a beach home, especially displayed on the front door of a cottage. Soooo cute!

You’ll also love our matching Monogram MatMates Doormats and Mailwraps Monogram Mailbox Covers. The welcome doormats are made from recycled rubber and can be used outdoors or indoors. Used alone or enhanced when framed with the optional doormat tray, these door mats are a great accessory to display by your front step. Complete the matching set by adding the monogram mailbox cover, adding instant curb appeal to your home. Magnetic Mailwraps easily snap into monogram-chevron-b-doormat.jpgplace onto a metal mailbox. They have vibrant colors and are vinyl coated for durability.monogram-chevron-b-mailbox-cove.jpg

Set your home apart from your neighbors. Breeze Art Monogram Flags, matching MatMates and Mailwraps allow you to easily add distinctive style to your home. And remember, these monogram collections make great gifts for new home owners, as well as Valentine's Day Gifts, Mother's Day and Father's Day Gifts.

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