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Meet Our Featured Artist Victoria Hutto

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Bunny Wanna Be Easter Garden FlagFlags On A Stick proudly displays and sells decorative garden flags created by Artist Victoria Hutto.

Easter Flag Bunny Wanna Be, created by Artist Victoria Hutto, is already a top seller at Flags On A Stick. Victoria is a talented artist who describes her artistic designs as "cute, with a little whimsy". That's the perfect description for this charming decorative Easter flag! Want to know more about the artist who created this adorable decorative flag? Here's your chance... Victoria graciously agreed to "chat" with us at Flags On A Stick.

Q - Victoria, tell us about your background; where you grew up, where you went to school, what city (or state) you live in now.


Artist Victoria Hutto

A - I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and went to UC Davis, majoring in Food Science, and figured out that I wanted to pursue an art degree, so I transferred to the California Collage of Arts and Crafts, now known as the California Collage of the Arts. After moving to several different states, I now live in Georgia.

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Q - What or who inspired you to become an artist?

Victoria Hutto's 1st Art Product Contract

A - I remember being in elementary school and finding a library book full of craft projects. I was hooked right away. Since then, I enjoy exploring all mediums. Snoopy and Hello Kitty were my favorites growing up. I could never have imagined one of my first art jobs was a designer for Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty. (Note: The items in this photo are Victoria's 1st Product Contract)

Q - Can you describe how your art has changed over the years?


Victoria Hutto's Winter Collection

A - In art school, if an artist could render super realistic…you were considered a great artist. As I have matured as an artist, I’ve come to realize, being able to simplify and “loosen up” my work is much more difficult. Over time, I have challenged myself to “loosen” my style, and work more off of instincts. It is an ongoing evolution for me. (Note: Items in this photo are from Victoria's Winter Collection)

Q - What are the steps for creating your artwork? Do you start with sketches or drawings of your ideas? Do you use any type of technology to assist you in creating your designs, like graphic software?


Victoria Hutto Pillow

A - In working with the manufacturers, many times the artist is asked to make changes to fit a product, or color to fit in the manufacturer's product line. Out of necessity, I have become totally digital. My sketches are really “for my eyes” only…to give me an indication of ideas. From there, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, working interchangeably to render and complete the design. And if there are requests for slight changes from my clients, I can make the change quickly and efficiently.

  • Victoria Hutto fabricsNOTE: You'll find Victoria's art available on various products, including fabrics, greeting cards, plus home and garden decor.

Q - How do you market your artwork? Do you have an agent?

A - Marketing and creating art are two full time jobs. I am fortunate enough to have one of the top agents in the industry, Suzanne Cruise Creative Services, to represent my work. By having an agent, I am able to focus more on what I enjoy doing; creating art.

Q - Where did your inspiration come from for Easter Flags Hippity Hop and Bunny Wanna Be? Can you describe these two designs in your own words?

  • Hippity Hop Easter Garden FlagHippity Hop Easter Garden Flag -- A card company had asked me for some Easter designs, with a “patchwork” layout. And when I was working on the different block panels, I thought the big bunny head would be eye catching for a flag. From this design also came paper plates, cups, napkins, stickers, and treat sacks.
  • Bunny Wanna Be Garden Flag -- I was working on this design at the same time I was working on Halloween designs, and while I was putting the finishing touches on “Bunny Wanna Be”, I felt it just needed something more….dressing up popped into my head from working on Halloween.



Q - How far ahead do you work on projects for the upcoming seasons/holidays?

A - Different manufacturers work differently. Most of them work at least a year ahead of the season, sometimes even longer.

Victoria Hutto's Songs of the Garden

Victoria Hutto's Garden Stakes

Q - How do you decide how your artwork will be used and applied to what products? For example, do you set our purposely to create a design that will be used for your adorable garden stakes or your beautiful wooden boxes? Or are you given suggestions by the manufacturer to create designs for these types of products?

A - Manufacturers work differently. Sometimes a manufacturer will see a design I have in my portfolio, and ask if I could develop it into, for example garden stakes, or bird feeders. Other manufacturers may have a product line, and will apply my art onto their product. Others may have a trend they are looking for, and will ask if I could design a collection following that trend.

Q - Our customers at Flags On A Stick love your decorative flags, which include holiday flags such as Easter Garden Flags, Christmas Garden Flags, Halloween Garden Flags, as well as seasonal flags. Is there a way to request more of your designs be printed on flags, doormats and mailbox covers? Snowman Collage would be a charming flag or your “Sunflowers” and also the Egret would be lovely as flags.


Happy Spooky Day Halloween Flag by Victoria Hutto


Christmas Penguins Decorative Flag by Victoria Hutto

A - The designs you mentioned above have not made it on a flag yet, but that is a great idea for your customers to contact the manufacturers to request my art. You can probably contact them on their website, or their Facebook page. Since some of my designs have done well this last year, I will be having several new designs coming out this year and next…so stay tuned. I will post them on my Facebook page as soon as they have been approved.

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Continue to follow our interview with Victoria later this month as we present "Behind the Scenes with Artist Victoria Hutto".

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