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Meet Our Featured Artist Susan Winget

Jaclyn Bennett

Lakeside Garden Flag

Two decorative flags, Lakeside and Glory Garden Decorative Flag created by Artist Susan Winget, are perfect examples of Susan's artistic style. These lovely outdoor BreezeArt decorative garden flags are already on our best seller list. Our customers love the matching Mailwraps mailbox covers and MatMates doormats.

Glory Garden Decorative Flag

I recently had the opportunity to ask Susan some questions about her and her work. I hope you enjoy reading "Behind the Scenes" with Susan Winget as she shares her story with us.

Susan Winget

Susan grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and still lives there today on the Winget family farm. Both her and her husband, Al, attended University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She credits Al for his support and encouraging her to venture into the art business world. Susan loves to travel, and her hobbies include riding horses, kayaking, bird watching…."anything that connects her to this beautiful earth".

From drawings and sketches to final product

Since childhood, Susan has loved to draw, paint and create with whatever materials she could find. Most of her paintings created today begin as rough pencil sketches. She uses watercolor paints, colored pencils and watercolor crayons to add color and shading. The art is then scanned into the computer. Her studio team uses Photoshop to fit the artwork to different product templates and add graphic elements. Susan states, “Seeing the artwork evolve from pencil drawing to a finished painting and then to a piece of fabric, a flag, dinnerware, or any other product is truly amazing!”

Monday Morning

Susan has worked with the art agency Courtney Davis Inc for many years. She says working with an agency allows her to focus on her artwork while they market and license her designs. Susan adds, “Working with the wonderful agents at CDI is key to my success in this business.” For artists trying to get their work licensed, Susan advises, “Work on your artwork every single day. Develop your own unique voice and style that is true to your personal calling as an artist. Hard work and a kind heart will take you far!”

Susan's Inspirations

Creating so many new designs throughout the year, Susan draws her primary inspiration from nature. She is always finding new perspectives or ideas to draw upon from the land and animals around her. "The colors, patterns, and unique varieties of life found in nature never cease to invigorate my work.” The love of her wonderful family and network of friends also inspire her daily.

Each piece has a story

When I asked Susan how she decides how her artwork will be used and applied to various products, she stated, “Each collection has its own story as to how it came to be. The Sanctuary collection began as a few paintings I created

Sanctuary Study Collection by Magnet Works

while inspired by the plants and wildlife of coastal Carolina. With help from the Magnet Works team, these paintings spun into an entire collection of all sorts of products. I work closely with my wonderful team of artists at the studio, my agents, and the companies we work with to develop collections of that magnitude.”

Susan has many styles of painting that have evolved throughout her career. You’ll find her themes diverse in texture, design and color variations. When asked if she prefers to create more whimsical designs or sophisticated designs like Sanctuary Study, she replied,

American Home Garden Art Poles

“I really could not choose a favorite among my many art styles. Each has a special place and moment of origin along the journey of my art career. I have so much fun playing with the more whimsical designs, but also love the graceful work of a more sophisticated style.

Susan's new studio

Susan recently designed and built a new studio. This amazing studio is a lovely home, with working spaces that includes a warm welcoming conference room and a complete kitchen. Susan told me, “The team of artists that work with me at the studio have always felt more like family than co-workers. For that reason, a studio with a comfortable, at-home feel was a natural choice. Our open conference room and work spaces allow us to collaborate and share ideas easily ...

Susan Winget in her studio

and what family works without a kitchen to share meals in!? After all, food brings people together and many of our best design ideas come while we are preparing and eating lunch at the studio.”

Bearing Gifts by Susan Winger

Bringing Home the Tree decorative house flag

Susan's new designs coming soon

Susan's decorative flag designs always have artistic details, vibrant colors and themes that make us smile and warms our hearts. As the owner of Flags on a Stick, I am so grateful to Susan and her staff for taking the time to answer my questions and share these photos.

Now....sneak a peek at two new designs created by Susan Winget coming this fall. Bringing Home the Tree and Bearing Gifts both have warm, rich colors and charming themes that will add personal style to your home and warmly welcome friends and family.

    • We look forward to these new arrivals, which will be available starting late August, 2014. Learn more about this talented artist as we feature Susan Winget throughout this month and also Flags On A Stick Pinterest page.

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