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Meet Our Featured Artist Sue Zipkin

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Artist Sue Zipkin chats with Flags On A Stick

Sue Zipkin chats with us at Flags On A Stick

I recently had a chance to ask Sue a few questions about herself and her artwork. She is a talented artist who describes her work as sophisticated whimsy. Sue’s favorite things to draw are nature, flowers, butterflies, birds and playing with texture. She loves lots of different colors.  Her favorite color changes depending on what she's working on.

You’ll love her new decorative flags, which include Bloom, Welcome to our Pad, Celebrate Cupcake,

Welcome Friends and Family Garden Flag

Watercolor Birds, Welcome Friends & Family, and Colorful Owls, all in stock at www.flagsonastick.com. Sue's decorative flags are available in house and garden size flags and read correctly on both sides.  Each design has gorgeous colors and unique artistic details. Sue’s artwork is also found on many other items, including dinnerware and fabric.

Read what else I learned about Sue:

Q - Where did you study to become an artist?

A - I went to SVA in NYC

Q - What or who inspired you to become an artist?

A - I have always felt that I was an artist since early childhood. It was the one thing that I was good at and really enjoyed doing. I never thought of doing anything else.

Bloom Garden Flag at www.flagsonastick.com

Q - How has your art changed over the years?

A - When I first graduated from art school my intention was to become a freelance fantasy illustrator. My artwork was not very commercial at the time and I needed to earn a living, so I worked as an in- house artist.Working in-house was never something I was comfortable with. I knew I needed to branch out and start my own business freelancing.Then over time and paying a lot of dues, I became a licensed artist.I have learned how to design for many different products over the years.

Q - What is the process for creating a design for a flag company? From your perspective, walk us through the steps. Do you start with a sketch first? Do you send more than one version to the manufacturer?

Tangier Fabric by Sue Zipkin

A - Each situation is unique depending on the project. Sometimes I am developing artwork to show a variety of manufacturers. I might create an interesting look that worked perfectly in fabric but in order for it to translate into a flag I would need to think about a flag layout and rework it.

Q - Where did your inspiration come from for the New Flag Trends Bloom Garden Flag, as well as the new fabric design called Tangier?They have beautiful colors!

A - Thank you. Bloom was a style I was playing with in dinnerware and fabric. I love hydrangeas, and this is a whimsical fantasy version of a hydrangea.Bloom was an extension of the Tangier fabric.  Bloom is also available in dinnerware right now.

Dinnerware by Sue Zipkin

Q - What is your favorite season or holiday… and why?

A - My favorite season is spring.  Everything is blooming and the weather is wonderful. As an artist, my favorite holiday has always been Christmas for its magical time. I have always loved painting happy snowmen and whimsical Christmas imagery.

Q - Do you have any hobbies?

A - I love macro photography and gardening.

Drink Blot Coasters by Sue Zipkin

Q - Is there anything you’d like to share or like us to know about you or our artwork?

A - What makes me really happy is to know that my artwork brings joy to people. I am so grateful to all the people that have purchased products using my artwork over the years.


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