Meet Our Featured Artist Robbin Rawlings

Becky, Owner of Flags On A Stick

Making Friends Decorative Garden Flag

Making Friends decorative outdoor flag created by Artist Robbin Rawlings is one of several new flags available this spring. It's already a top seller, with lots of our customers buying the matching mailbox cover and doormat. You'll also find her designs on new Easter flags and spring flags that will bring smiles to your faces. Robbin describes her artistic style as a blend of joy, whimsy, very detailed unique patterns with a tiny twist of humor. Our customers enjoy Robbin’s decorative flags with their interesting themes, great color combinations and her charming distinctive style.

Robbinish Style

Par for the Course Decorative Garden Flag

Robbin enjoys experimenting with new styles, but you’ll always find that “robbinish” eye-catching detail and unexpected color combinations that makes her designs unique. Her decorative flags will complement anyone’s home and bring smiles to friends and family. Par for the Course garden flag is another example of Robbin’s playful style. This flag again displays “robbinish” style and thoughtful attention to detail.

Robbin’s Inspiration

Wren pillow

Currently living with her husband and daughter outside Boulder, Colorado, she is surrounded by inspiration. Wildlife is plentiful in her backyard overlooking the foothills of Boulder, and Robbin takes every opportunity to enjoy seeing foxes, hummingbirds, butterflies and even a mountain lion. She often photographs animals and objects and uses the photos for inspiration. You’ll notice the whimsical fox and adorable wren featured throughout her designs. Robin states, “So much of what we see and so much of the good in the earth is coming from artists in looking at things differently.”

Robbin’s Products

Making Friends Mailwraps Mailbox Cover

Tote Bag by Robbin Rawlings

Robbin’s artistic designs are featured on a variety of products, including greeting cards, textiles, home and garden decor, decorative flags, fashion accessories and paper products. Throughout these products her light-hearted playful style is evident. The colorful patterns and engaging animals add those little surprises that make us smile. Her decorative flags, matching Mailwraps mailbox covers and MatMates doormats can be found at

Robbin Rawlings

Robbin’s Hobbies and Interests

An avid photographer, Robbin loves to photograph every day things and make them look really cool. She enjoys 3-D design sculpting, carving with her dremmel tool and painting large canvases with many layers. In her spare time, Robbin travels and loves exploring cities and meeting people from different places. She loves to start a road trip without a destination and “see who, where and what we discover today”.

Robbin’s JourneyHummingbird and flower by Robbin Rawlings

Robbin has been drawing since she was 2 ½ years old. Her mother asked what her circle of scribbles were and her reply was “snakes fighting”. Her mother encouraged Robbin and made sure she went to art school. Robbin attended Ringling School of Art and Design and also Parsons School of Designs in Los Angeles and NYC. She started her own graphic design business right after college. During that ten-year venture, she refined her style by focusing on designs that bring joyful whimsy themes to life.

Aren’t we all lucky to have artists like Robbin Rawlings who create and share their artistic talents with all of us? Yes, indeed. What are your favorites?

You’ll find Robbin’s distinctive artist style featured on decorative flags, Mailwraps mailbox covers and MatMates doormats at Robbin’s art appears on many lovely decorative items for your home and garden decor. Ask your local store for other products with her designs. Be sure to follow and “Like” Robbin on Flags On A Stick Facebook page.

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