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Mailwraps Magnetic Mailbox Covers

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valentine-mailwraps.jpgLooking for a way to update the look of your drewry old mailbox? Mailwraps magnetic mailbox covers are the answer. They have two strong magnetic strips that allow the mailbox cover to easily snap into place onto a metal mailbox. Each mailbox cover design comes with three sets of self-adhesive address numbers.

You'll find decorative mailbox covers for every season and holiday. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you have lots of choices to transform your mailbox into a work of art and wish everyone Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day Mailwraps include designs with XOXO’s, red and white hearts and even adorable Valentine owls.

Mailwraps are created by some of our nation’s leading artists. You’ll find designs by Victoria Hutto, Robin Rawlings and Elena Vladykina. These talented artists allow you to decorate your mailbox, adding charm and style to your outdoor garden décor.  Just choose the design that suits your taste and style, snap it into place, and voila… you’ve created an eye-catching mailbox that will be the envy of your neighbors. And, you can change the design for every season and holiday. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Decorative mailbox covers are screen-printed for vivid, long-lasting colors.  Mailwraps are also vinyl coated for durability. Plus, we’re proud to say they’re made in the USA.


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