Holiday Tree Top Container with Lights -

Holiday Tree Top Container

Jaclyn Bennett

Holiday Tree Top Planter - Use our simple recipe

Holiday Tree Tops in Container

Below are a few of our favorite "ingredient" suggestions. Here in Minnesota we love to decorate for winter using evergreen tree tops displayed in outdoor planters. Tree tops add stunning detail to your home.


Tree Top Stems - 4-5 regular sized. Cut off approx. 1"-2" from the bottom of your tree tops and soak in warm water for 45 mins. before using. Soaking them in water allows the tree tops to absorb extra water, helping them to stay lush and green for weeks to come. If possible, cut at an angle to allow them to absorb even more water.

Sugar Cones - 4-6

Fresh Magnolia ½ bunch

Fresh Oregonia 1 bunch

Fresh Boxwood 1 bunch

Med Curly Willow ½ bunch

Small Fresh Norway bunch - 2 bunches

Rosehips or Pepperberry bunch - 2 (depending on availability)
Birch - 8ft (cut into three pieces)

Florist wire

Add your own personal touch. Include a lovely lantern and Christmas decorations.

Planter with Tree Tops

Include a decorative winter garden flags to add a pop of color.Decorative Holiday Outdoor Garden Flag


  • Fill a container or planter with sand or soil. We find sand works best to hold the greens in place, however a bag of topsoil works well, too.
  • Insert your tallest tree tops and sink them 4" deep in the center of the container - working your way out, tallest to shortest.
  • Insert three pieces of birch, tallest toward the middle, shorter positioned towards the front of your planter/container. Next insert a small bunch of Curly Willow in the center of the design.
  • Divide the Oregonia and Boxwood and insert so that the stems are filling the middle layer of the design.
  • Norway stems should flow out or skirt the front of the container (to give a horizontal look, push the stems in at an angle).
  • Use 3-5 stems of Magnolia and place them in the lower and middle area of your design.
  • Wire the Sugar Cones to the sturdy tree tops in the center. Add colorful Rosehips or Pepperberry placed in the top and middle areas of the design to give your container a finished look.
  • Now add your favorite holiday or seasonal decorative garden flag using a garden flag stand inserted into your tree top container. Once you have your container ready for the season, it’s easy to change your garden flag for the upcoming seasons or choose a colorful holiday garden flag to warmly greet friends and family to your home.

Voila! You’ve now created a colorful seasonal and holiday container that will be the envy of your neighbors. Assemble your tree top containers early to avoid cold fingers and frozen soil (which, here in Minnesota, is just around the corner).

Easy to Keep Fresh: The greens will last and stay lush looking if you simply water your spruce tips on warm days or in warm climates spraying with Wilt Stop will keep your greens looking their best this season.

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