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Graduation Party Ideas

By Becky, Owner of Flags On A Stick | | 0 Comments

Browse our great graduation party ideas at:  www.flagsonastickblog.com

Be sure to order your personalized graduation flags. Add your favorite grad photo, school colors and year.

  • Personalized grad flags make great gifts, as well as unforgettable graduation party decorations.
  • Insert your favorite photo.
  • Customize your flag with school colors.
  • Add the school year.

Personalized Graduation Flag

DIY graduation party ideas include:

  • Mason jars filled with flowers fearturing your school colors.
  • Add a pennant decorated with school colors and the year.
  • Display school text books as reminders of the student's hard work.
  • Add small votive candles to each table.

Graduation party decorations

Graduation Party Ideas

Use graduation themes for your party:

  • Keys to Success theme featuring antique keys with words of wisdom.
  • Words to the Wise theme using words of encouragement, advice and wisdom scattered on the tables.
  • Use themes from books such as Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go by displaying luggage, hot air balloons, brochures from colleges, and travel brochures.

By Becky, Owner of Flags On A Stick

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