Graduation Party Ideas

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Be sure to order your personalized graduation flags. Add your favorite grad photo, school colors and year.

  • Personalized grad flags make great gifts, as well as unforgettable graduation party decorations.
  • Insert your favorite photo.
  • Customize your flag with school colors.
  • Add the school year.

Personalized Graduation Flag

DIY graduation party ideas include:

  • Mason jars filled with flowers fearturing your school colors.
  • Add a pennant decorated with school colors and the year.
  • Display school text books as reminders of the student's hard work.
  • Add small votive candles to each table.

Graduation party decorations

Graduation Party Ideas

Use graduation themes for your party:

  • Keys to Success theme featuring antique keys with words of wisdom.
  • Words to the Wise theme using words of encouragement, advice and wisdom scattered on the tables.
  • Use themes from books such as Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go by displaying luggage, hot air balloons, brochures from colleges, and travel brochures.

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