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DIY Easy Easter Decorations

By Becky, Owner Flags On A Stick | | 0 Comments

With Easter just a few days away, join us as we share a few easy DIY decorating ideas for your front porch or front entrance, table top and easy Easter gift ideas.

DIY Easy Easter Decoration

Charming idea for your Easter holiday decorating.  What you'll need:

  • Tall glass container.
  • Fresh carrots (just trim the tops a little.  
  • Fresh white daisies and a charming ribbon. 

Your guests will love the splash of spring color and Easter theme.  Can be used as a center piece or place on a buffet table, in your kitchen area or on your mantel.  

Charming Easter napkin ring

Add a festive touch to each place setting with this charming napkin ring idea.  You can use any cloth napkins you have or use burlap fabric and adorn with adorable Easter egg nest.

Easter place setting

Tie a charming basket to each chair and fill with grass, colorful Easter eggs and Easter candy.  Adorn with a festive ribbon to add eye-catching color to welcome your friends and family.

DIY Easter Decorations

Add festive color throughout your home.  What you'll need:

  • Adorn containers with festive Easter bunnies

    Metal pails or Mason jars

  • Burlap fabric

  • Paper Easter bunnies
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Spring grass or spring flowers

Cut burlap fabric to fit your container.  Use paint or fabric pens to add Easter bunnies to your burlap fabric. Use hot glue gun to adher fabric to your container.  Add spring grass or colorful spring flowers and Easter eggs.  These colorful Easter containers can be placed on your dining table, buffet table or throughout your home. 

Front Door or Porch Outdoor Idea:

Create eye-catching Easter decor on your front porch or by your front entrance to welcome friends and family for the holidays.  Note the colorful front door with charming Easter wreath.  The large wooden carrot hanging by the front entrance adds that splash of spring color.  The adorable Easter bunny filled with colorful Easter eggs adds the "surprise" that is sure to bring smiles to all your guests.  

Adding a container filled with fresh spring flowers will add vibrant color.  Yellow daffodils, spring tulips or blooming apple blossom branches placed in a decorative basket will add the finishing touch to your Easter outdoor decorations.

DIY Easter Gift Ideas:

Think of creating a small gift for each guest.  These could also be used as place settings or fill a basket by the front door and add these festive gifts.  Add a charming tag to the basket to let guests know these special items are just for them.

Fill a cup with plastic lid with Easter chicks and colorful jelly beans.  Add a festive Easter Ribbon.  Easter Gift Idea

These could be used as Easter gifts or place settings for each of your guests.

Easter Gift Idea - Bunny Bait

Fill a plastic bag with small, colorful marsh mellows, pretzels, and chocolate Easter candy.  Add colorful spring ric rac to tie the bag.  Place these colorful gift bags at each place setting or place in a wicker basket by the front door to hand to your guests as they are leaving.  Adorn the basket with "Bunny Bait" tag.  Sure to bring smiles to everyone.

By Becky, Owner Flags On A Stick

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