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Decorative Garden Flags For Fall -

Wait 'til you see our new decorative garden flags for fall.

Decorative garden flags for fall include designs with vibrant colors and texture. Evergreen has created new outdoor fall garden flags with a fabric called EverFelt.

  • This fabric is touch enough to be used outdoors.
  • The texture is soft just like regular felt.
  • The colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

Feast your eyes on Autumn Pumpkin EverFelt Garden Flag. The bright festive colors will add to your garden decor. With 3-dimensional elements that you can touch and feel.

Autumn Pumpkin Felt Garden Flag

Burlap fall garden flags feature themes with warm autumn colors and a variety of harvest bounty.

These fall garden flags created with poly burlap fabric are durable for outdoor use.

  • Add burlap garden flags to your fall outdoor decor.
  • Display in your garden to add instant splashes of color.
  • Burlap flags are on the top seller list for fall.

Burlap Fall Garden Flags

Scarecrow garden flags

Scarecrow fall garden flags are always one of our favorites.

Shop our large variety of scarecrow fall gardens with charming themes and autumn colors.

  • Scarecrow flags are the perfect addition to your front porch.
  • Display in your garden or in a potted plant.
  • Add pumpkins and colorful mums to update your porch or front entrance.

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