Decorating the Tree with Light Up Mitten Door Decor

Decorating the Tree with Light Up Mitten Door Decor

Stephanie @ Flags on a Stick

Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition enjoyed all over the world. I LOVE decorating for Christmas in my home, office and wherever else I’m allowed. In our new house we have three living rooms (did you hear that three!! Three rooms for three different Christmas trees!). I had already been planning my trees for months when I came across the light up mitten door decor. Color Schemes, traditions and all of the trimmings had been chosen. Did I mention I LOVE Christmas?!

Tree With Light Up Mitten Door Decor

One of our Christmas Trees with 3 of the Light up Mitten Door Decor as ornaments.

I also love tradition. This makes it hard for me to give up the nostalgia that goes with all of the ornaments we’ve collected in years past. So, now happily with three Christmas trees to decorate, I can keep the nostalgic tree and have two more to decorate however my heart desires. Our main tree will be filled with many, many unique ornaments from mine, my husbands and each of our girls’ Christmas pasts. This doesn’t mean our tree has to look frumpy or thrown together.


Light up mitten Door Decor from Flags on a Stick

I follow the theme of a traditional, nostalgic Christmas. Think Norman Rockwell. Red and White. Candy canes, sleds, ribbons and this year, our newest additions,Light Up Mitten Door Decor from Flags On A Stick. Who doesn’t love mittens? Don’t let the fact that they are made to be door decor limit their use. I have used three of these as large ornaments to fill gaps on my Christmas tree and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They even light up!

Finding unique and original Christmas decor that is affordable like the Mitten Door Decor and easily moved around my house from year to year is something that I love. Once the jolly old guy makes his debut and heads back to the north pole (isn’t he beautiful!) these mittens from Flags On A Stick will definitely be adorning my front door. They would look equally exquisite hanging on a wall or in a window, displayed on a shelf or outside on skis or a sled. What do you think of my cozy and nostalgic Christmas tree? What unique items do you display this time of year?


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