Buyer's Guide to Decorative Flags

Buyer's Guide to Decorative Flags

Jaclyn Bennett

Buying garden flags or house flags for your outdoor décor can be easy if you rely upon a few basic tips. Deciding where you wish to display decorative garden flags is the first step. Do you want to display the flag on the exterior of your home or would you prefer to place it in your yard or patio area? Once you determine where you want to display your flag, then you will know what size flag is best for your space.

Garden Flags and House Flags Sizes:

  • A garden flag size is typically 12.5” x 18”. This size flag can be displayed on a garden flag stand placed in your yard or patio area or even in a potted planter by your front door.
  • A decorative house flag is usually 28” x 40”. Display this size flag on the side of your home or your porch using a flag pole bracket and a flag pole.

Approximate Cost:

  • Garden flags average cost is approx. $10.99 per flag.
  • Garden flag stands starts at approx. $19.00 and up
  • House flags average cost is approx. $21.00 per flag
  • Flag Poles average cost is approx. $27.00

Seasonal Flags and Holiday Flags

Easter Bunnies House Flag

Once you’ve decided upon the size, next you’ll want to narrow your choices down by deciding if you wish to display holiday flags or seasonal flags. There are a variety of choices available for all the seasons and holidays. Spring garden flags are always a welcome added touch of color to your yard. Holiday flags are perfect outdoor decorations. Your next step will be to scroll through the category of flags by season or holiday on our website: You’ll notice there are endless possibilities. Have fun creating your own distinctive style by choosing a flag that represents your interests and personality. Outdoor flags feature designs that include all kinds of themes, including cardinals, chickadees and hummingbirds, as well as flags with colorful borders and backgrounds. Look for artistic details that appeal to you such as whimsical little butterflies or birdhouses.

Spring garden flags

Flags that have printed text are also popular, such as “Welcome Spring” or “Happy Easter” or “Merry Christmas”. Many designs are available with text that will state something specific about a holiday or a season, which makes these decorative yard flags perfect garden art to place by your front door to welcome friends and family to your home.

Types of Decorative Flags:

The artistic designs can either be printed directly onto the fabric or using another technique called appliqué. Both styles create gorgeous outdoor flags that have vivid colors, as well as durability. The choices, again, are endless for both types of flags .Most printed flags have more detail with colorful, artistic backgrounds and borders. Applique flags usually have one or two larger images outlined with embroidery detail. The artistic design itself usually influences the popularity of the flag. Most people like both printed and appliqué flags.Their decision is usually influenced first by the artistic design or theme.

As you will see, there is really something for everyone. Garden and house flags are available in a variety of styles, including spring, summer, fall and winter, as well as holiday themes with vibrant colors and charming artistic details. All our yard flags are suitable for outdoor decorative use.The designs are created by nationally known artists such as Jennifer Brinley, Victoria Hutto, Sue Zipkin, and Susan Winget. You’ll be able to find a design that reflects your personality and adds eye-catching color to your outdoor décor. Hopefully, you’ll find this Buyer’s Guide helpful in choosing just the right flag to help you start your collection for each season and every holiday. Enjoy!

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