Creative Decorations and Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts

Creative Decorations and Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts

Stephanie H.

Easter in our Family

In our family Easter is celebrated with three things: church, ham and egg hunts. Church on Easter Sunday definitely fills my soul. Everyone dressed in the very best of their Sunday best. Large families sitting together. Bright colors everywhere. The Church decorated with lilies. Songs of rejoicing. A wonderful way to begin a wonderful day.

Easter Lilies in Decorated Milk Can
Lilies in Decorated Milk Can

After church we rush home to the ham. We enjoy the company of those we love the most around the table. Discussing the weather, our plans for spring and what our baskets were filled with. (Peanut M&M’s, please!) After we have cleaned up and come out of our ham comas, it is time to find the eggs.

Egg Hunt Decor
Preparing for the Sunday egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt!

Making Easter Egg hunts special is something I’ve always enjoyed. Adding a fun twist to which eggs who finds or having one special egg with a $5 bill in it can really spice up an egg hunt. This year Easter is later than most years. So there is hope for a warm Easter celebration. I’m already planning my Easter Egg hunt decor and rules. My mom blessed me a few years ago, with two oversized Easter Bunnies that add a fun touch to our Easter Celebration.

I am relying on Flags on a stick for some new additions to my Easter Decor this year. This simple and rustic Easter Bunny is perfect for anyone’s front door. Fill the basket with flowers, Easter eggs, favorite Easter candy, or anything your Easter heart desires!

Twig Bunny Door Decor with Eggs
Twig Bunny Decor with eggs
Twig Bunny Door Decor with Lilies
Twig Bunny Decor with lilies

Bunny Delight Milk Can Yard DeSign

I’m excited to stick this fun Easter hunt yard sign in my yard for the big day. As always my Milk can will be adorned with this colorful and fun Bunny Delight Easter yard sign. I filled my milk can with bright flowers to match the sign and topped it off with a large spring bow.

Bunny Delight Easter Yard DeSign
Bunny Delight Yard DeSign - perfect for my milk can!

My front yard light pole will be decorated with this Bunny Delight matching house flag.

Bunny Delight House Flag
House flag from the Bunny Delight Collection

I have also been considering this colorful and modern Happy Easter flag. The Bunny Delight doormat is also bright, modern and fun. If you are looking for spiritual decor for this holiday, Flags on a Stick has many wonderful tasteful options. I’m very fond of this Cross applique house flag, which happens to have a matching door decor cross.

This bright and colorful Risen House flag is also a fun religious choice and perfect to leave out during the church Easter season following Easter Sunday. Any of these flags make wonderful hostess gift choices, as well or to fill your Easter Baskets.

Easter Egg Hunt Gift
Egg hunt supplies also make a great host gift for Easter!

How does your family celebrate Easter? Which flag do you think fits in with your Easter decor style?

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