Behind the Scenes with Artist Victoria Hutto

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Don't miss your chance to know more about Victoria Hutto's decorative flags, as well as many other colorful products designed by Victoria to enhance your home and garden decor.

Q - Victoria, Can you describe how your art has changed over the years?

A - In art school, if an artist could render super realistic…you were considered a great artist. As I have matured as an artist, I’ve come to realize, being able to simplify and “loosen up” my work is much more difficult. Over time, I have challenged myself to “loosen” my style, and work more off of instincts. It is an ongoing evolution for me.

Buzzing Welcome Decorative Garden Flag

Q - What are your favorite subjects to draw - i.e. animals, prints, symbols, etc? And what are your favorite colors?

A - I mostly like creating cute animals. I have a tendency to be attracted to bright colors. NOTE: Buzzing Welcome Garden Flag is available at

Q - Is anyone else in your family an artist? If so, who?

A - My husband is an artist. He designs museums.

Q - What is your favorite season or holiday… and why?

Victoria Hutto's Halloween wooden mantel piece

A - I enjoy Halloween. As an artist, it is the ideal holiday to design for. You don’t have to make the characters look like anyone…as you would with Santa, in his red suit and white beard. The sky is the limit with creating creatures.

Q - Do you have any hobbies?What are your favorite foods?

A - I enjoy cooking and sewing, mostly working with my hands. I don’t really have a favorite food. But I do like to try different types of foods.

Q - What kinds of art do you personally like or have in your home?

A - I like eclectic art. One-of-a-kind sculptures created from found objects. I don’t have very many pieces, but I’ve always admired people who can let themselves be free to create in this way.

Q - Do you prefer to create more whimsical designs such as Bunny Wanna Be or more sophisticated designs like

Victoria Hutto's Egret

Sunflowers and the Egret?

A - I enjoy creating in all styles. But I feel that the cute whimsy comes more naturally to me.

Q - Your designs are produced on a wide variety of items. Do you have any personal favorites?

Victoria Hutto Greeting Cards

A - I started my art career in greeting cards. And from there it has, for the most part, been paper products. So when I receive my first décor product licensing contract for kitchen towels and oven mitts, I was thrilled! It was an Easter line that was carried in Walmart. This would have to be my personal favorite.

Q - Do you have a studio or a specific area or space where you work?

A - We have not been in GA for very long, and had purchased my current home because it has a basement. I would like to renovate our basement and dedicate it just for my husband and I to create in. One room for digital only, and the other for “messy” work.

Q - Do you “celebrate” or have a tradition when new designs are finalized and completed? If so, what do you do? Do you go to a favorite restaurant or open a nice bottle of wine?

Victoria with her garden stakes

A - To be honest, getting a package of my samples every now and then is like having Christmas all year around. I still get excited seeing my name on something I have designed.

Q - I saw on your Facebook page that you were working with young students at Coweta Mission Intermediate Grade School. Can you tell us a little about this?

A - I was asked to speak to the art students at Coweta Mission IGS because of the book I illustrated about Oklahoma.

12 Days of Christmas illustrated by Victoria Hutto

Q - You recently illustrated a book entitled 12 Days of Christmas in Oklahoma. Is illustrating a book different than your other creative work? If so, can you explain or tell us a little bit about this process?

A - Illustrating a book is very different than designing for decorative products. For me, book illustration is not my background, and it was difficult to keep the likenesses of the characters throughout the book. With product design, you only have one design to make the full impact that would get the consumer to buy the item. Both have their challenges.

Q - Is there anything you’d like to share or like us to know about you or your artwork?

A - Every design that I create is a little part of me, and it is very rewarding that so many enjoy my work.

I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know Victoria Hutto. You'll find her distinctive artistic style on decorative flags, mailbox covers and doormats at Victoria's art appears on many other lovely decorative items for your home. Ask your local stores for products with her designs. Be sure tell them what you know about Victoria and her artistic talents! Be sure to follow and "Like" Victoria on Flags On A Stick Facebook page. You can also "Like" Victoria Hutto's Facebook page.

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