Advent Calendar: Holiday Decoration and New Favorite Family Tradition

Advent Calendar: Holiday Decoration and New Favorite Family Tradition

Stephanie @ Flags on a Stick

Advent Calendar: Holiday Decoration and New Favorite Family Tradition

Advent Calendar Tradition

Christmas is coming, and that is exactly what “Advent” is translated to in Latin. “Coming”. In fact, only 25 days left until the big day is here. It's not too late to start the count down using an Advent Calendar. I especially love this time of year and have even more fun sharing the gifts of the season with my kids.

The Most Glorious Time of the Year

I’ve always been very fond of Christmas. As a kid it was the most glorious time of the year. I felt especially lucky because my aunt and uncle owned a Christmas Tree farm. We spent a lot of time there, caroling on horse drawn carriage rides, going along to cut down Christmas trees, seeing them flocked, learning to make swags and holiday wreaths, and most importantly having hot chocolate with Santa... It.Was.Magical!

Advent Calendar Door Decor

Recreating that kind of constant Christmas magic can be exhausting, and since we do not own a Christmas tree farm, I rely on recreating simple things. One of my favorite ways to take full advantage of the holiday season is through the use of an Advent Calendar. This year Flags on a Stick has an awesome Christmas Tree Advent Calendar ready to spice up everyone’s front door.

I’m taking it one step further and both of my girls have one on their bedroom doors. This would be a wonderful gift from a grandparent, or even a special visitor like the Elf on the Shelf. I hope this is something they will always remember and maybe even take with them someday, for it is the small things that we remember most fondly.

Advent Calendar

Our next step is to fill the pockets with something small. Mini candies, candy canes, small notes of love, or small Random Acts of Kindness to take out to replace with the attached piece to mark the countdown. Any other ideas? Where else could we hang this wonderful calendar for the whole family to enjoy?

P.S. Thank you to my lovely niece for letting us photograph her while learning how to use her first advent calendar :).

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